Holger and Simone Gottstein
16 July 2020

could not be any better !

We bought our first boat ever in these crazy times of Covid-19. It was difficult conditions for Very Yachting and for us as buyers. But even under these circumstances, everything was more than professional and smooth. Eric Marteau always provided the highest level of trust and provided support and service in all matters and questions. No wrong promises, everything clear, honest and open. Our new catamaran corresponds 100% to the offer. But even after the purchase, Eric Marteau supported with all preparations to bring our new boat to our home in Portugal. It is an outstanding service.

We read a lot of good things about Very Yachting before and we are still surprised at how pleasant and trustworthy buying a boat at Very Yachting actually goes. We can fully recommend Eric Marteau and if we ever sell our catamaran or buy another boat, Very Yachting is our number 1 address. Thank you for this great experience.